Stamp Penny Black

SG. 2wi. A1 (2)e. AS2g. DK. 1d black. Plate 1A. INVERTED WATERMARK. A B46934 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 3 AS20 QB Red MX Fine Used Cat £500 dctf New Release Penny Black Delight 1840 SG3 1d Grey Black Plate 10 3-Margins AS67 BI Mint Regummed Cat £27500 bccm GB PENNY GREY-BLACK QV Stamp SG. 3 1d Plate 1b (LJ) Crisp MX Piece c£500 YBLUE4 1840 Penny Black 1d Black Red MX Plate 5 4 Margins Lettering EK Stamping U0026 Simple No Line Watercolor Pb U0026j Thriving U0026 Delight Great Britain 1840 Penny Black 4-Margins, Red Maltese Cross, fine-used P545 Great Britain 1840 Mi. 1 Used 100% 1 P, Penny Black, Queen Victoria
1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 6 AS41 DH Red MX Fine Used Cat £375 dctv Bold Stamping And Ink Blending Pb U0026j Florescence 1840 SG2 1d BLACK PLATE 2 SUPER COVER 4 MARGINS HUDDERSFIELD TO BURNLEY (AI) MULREADY LETTER SHEET ONE PENNY BLACK 1840 With RED MALTESE CROSS CANCEL HV3686 QV 1d black Sg 2 plate 1a (N I) 1840 penny black with a fine red Maltese cross 1840 Penny Black AC Stamp In Folder Sg1 Fine Penny Black Cover Dated Aug 1 1840 1dBlack. Co. Uk. A UNIQUE MEMORABLE DESIRABLE DOMAIN NAME on the 180th ANNIVERSARY GB 1d BLACK Cover 1840 ALSW. Harrison Ainsworth AUTHOR Dick Turpin DICKENS 746d
SG2 Penny black plate 6 strip of 4 fine used SG2 GB Victoria 1840 1d Black Plate 6 on Lettersheet 4 Margins Maltese Cross 1840 Penny Black Stamp, 4 margins, Red Maltese Cross SG. 3 c. A1 (3) h. AS2. FG. 1d grey-black (worn plate). Plate 1a GB Qe2 Barcode Booklet Penny Black £1.50 Jc3 W1w1 Incorrect Rate + Bar