Stamp Penny Black

GB QV SG2 1d Penny Black Plate 11 Eleven MG Very Fine Used Rare cv £4500+ 1840 Penny Black Plate 4'G-K' VFU / Four margins GB PENNY BLACK QV Stamp SG. 3 1840 1d Plate 9 (HG) Used Light MX Cat £625+ XRED2 1840 1d Black Pl 8 OD 4m Fine Full Red MX STATE ONE VFU Cat. £525.00 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 4 AS23 LG Red Maltese Cross Very Fine Used Cat £400 bcbg 1840 GREAT BRITAIN 4 MARGIN 1d BLACK COVER PLATE 4 GLOUCESTER to CHELTENHAM vgc GB QV 1840 PENNY BLACK PLATE 8 FOUR MARGIN WITH A RED MALTESE CROSS-fine used SG2, 1d black PLATE 5, FINE USED. Cat £400. RED MX. 4 MARGINS. CK The Penny Black By Stephen Osborne Stamps
Brushstroke Basics 4 Of 5 Penny Black Blissful Blossoms Stamp 1840 Penny Black Plate 7'H-A' VFU / Four margins Great Britain 1840 1d Penny Black'DB' Plate 6. Black Maltese Cross Cancel SG 2 1840 1d black plate 5 block of 6. Mounted mint, original gum 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 7 AS44 AB Red MX Good Used Cat £400 dcur Penny Black Value How To Work It Out 1840 QV SG2 1d Penny Black AS56 Plate 1b 4 Margins Red MX Used CV £375 1840 Penny Black Plate 4'E-A' Superb used / Large Margins 1840 Penny Black 1d Black Red MX Plate 7, 4 Margins Lettering RC
1840 penny black Sg 2 plate 3 (O D) 4 margins & red M X Using Small Stamps To Create A Background Penny Black 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 2 AS15 BB Red MX Good Used Cat £375 dcxf QV 1840 sg2 plate 1b penny black (F L) light red M X & margins close to good 1840 1d Black Pl 6 TI 4m Superb Used Huge Margins with large part of TH