Stamp Penny Black

Stamping With Scooter Quick Tips Super Simple Watercolor Pb U0026j GB QV 1840 SG2wi 1d black inverted wmk just about 4 margs fine red MC cat £2500 GB QV SG2 1d Penny Black Plate 2 With Rare Magenta MX KJ Very Fine Used High CV 1840 1d Black Pl 5 NB STATE ONE Superb Used Large Margins Cat. £375.00 1840 SG1 1d Intense Black Plate 6 AS40 MD Thornhill to Dumfries Used c. £775 dipx 1840 SG2 1d Black Plate 1b AS5 FL Red MX Good Used Cat £375 dior 1840 1d Black Pl 1b EA 4m Red MX Large Margins Superb Used Cat. £375.00 SG 2 1d black plate 4 lettered I. K. Very fine used with a crisp upright red 1840 1d Black Pl 2 DG-DH 4m Bright Red MX Variety'Double D' VFU Cat. £1200.00
SG 3 1d grey-black plate 1a lettered HJ. Very lightly cancelled (looks unused) SG1 1d intense Black plate 7 EE, 3 margins with late usage 1844 black numeral The plating of the penny black postage stamp of Great Britain CHARLES NISSEN 1840 1d Black Pl 1b PA 4m Re-ENTRY Enormous with Marginal Inscription (F14-9) (1840) GB 1d penny black MNG letters EA (I) 4 x Gran Bretagna 1840 Penny Black + 3 x Penny Red GB QV SG2 1d Black Pl 2 Very Rare 1844 631 Frodsham MX SD Fine with Cert QV 1d Black Plate 7 GF 3 margins. Used on part cover from Leven 17 November 1840 GB PENNY BLACK SG. 2 1840 1d Plate 7 (ME) Red MX Classic Stamp Cat £400+ BLRED22
QV 1d Black Plate 2 AG Fine Used on part cover from St Andrews 13 November 1840 SG 1 1d intense black plate 6 lettered IH. Very fine used with crisp full red Stamping With Scooter Quick Tips Grounded In Cuteness Pb U0026j 1840 PENNY BLACK In The British Millennium Collection in Westminster Folder GB QV SG2 1d Penny Black Plate 3 OH Fine Mint Full Gum Rare Very Rare cv £20000+