Stamp Penny Black

SG 24 British Guiana 1856. 4 cent, black/magenta. Very fine used by almost Is Your Penny Black Worth 300 000 GB QV 1840 1d black imperf 4 margin plate 6 pl6 AA with black MX 1840 GB QV 1d Penny Black SG2 Plate 1b. Mint mounted, Position (QL) Cat £16000 SG2, SCARCE 1d black PLATE 1b, LH MINT. Cat £12500. JJ GB PENNY BLACK QV Stamp SG. 2 1d Plate 5 (PF) Used Red MX (1840) Cat £375+ RED7 Create A Winter Scene With Penny Black Stamps GB QV 1840 1d Penny Black Plate 8 4 Margin VFU (Superb) JK2381 1840 SG2 1d black KK, Plate 2, Red MC, 4mgn, FU, CV=£425
Large Stock Book GB Stamps, Victorian to 1970s & Penny Black 1840 1d Black Pl 1b CL 4m RARE EDINBURGH 131 on COVER ex Daisy Cat. £15,000.00 GREAT BRITAIN QUEEN VICTORIA 1842 (5 May) Mulready 1d black Letter 18173 1840 SG2 1d black strip BJ-K, Red MC, AVU, 4mgn, CV=£850+ 2001 Hand Painted Silver Penny Black Replica Ingot Cover + Coa Scarce 1/250 1840 1d PENNY BLACK + 1841 2d PENNY BLUE STAMPS FOLDER COA WORLDS MOST FAMOUS 1840 1d Black Pl 10 HJ 4m Superb Used Crisp Maltese Cross Cat. £950.00 Penny Black, Two penny Blue Stamps, Penny Red 1840 SG. 2. A1 (2). AS41. AA. 1d black. Plate 6. A good used example
Super Valuable Canadian Stamps Philately Stamps 1840 Penny Black Plate 3 & 1840 Two Penny Blue, Both 4 Margins, Postage Stamps New Stamps And Dies Daydream 2021 1840 Great Britain Used Penny Black Stamp 4 Margins Look SG2, 1d black plate 5, FINE USED. Cat £400. RED MX. 4 MARGINS. DL